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Did you know there are actually 8 types of wellness? This book is your perfect guide to learning how to address ALL of them even if you may think you have zero time for this.

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    “Balancing your wellness and stress is like a scale. On one side are the thoughts and behaviors you want to improve. On the other are your action steps to improve it. Even if it seems impossible there are still things you can control.”

    Kay Janiszewski

    Health Coach, Teacher, and owner of PAFE: Nutrition and Fitness

    What you get:

    Over 20 pages of concise descriptions of the 8 facets of wellness, plus dozens of quick action steps. These action steps will allow you to implement, quick tiny piece by quick tiny piece, a much healthier mindset to fixing all aspects of your wellness.

    What is it all about?

    Wellness is defined by balance and ease in eight different areas. Life happens and it may seem impossible to achieve this in all eight areas at once. Being under stress in multiple areas at once can be debilitating and make us very ill after some time.

    This guide will get you familiar with all eight types of wellness. But more importantly it gives you dozens of valuable action steps for you to implement in order to slowly identify and fix areas of your wellness that need improvement. It doesn't help to learn about issues if you don't know how to fix them!